In case of an accident,

Procedures to follow.

1. Contact the slope service of your resort to receive the documents that you will need for your care and reimbursements.

2. Declare the claim to us within eight days of the time at which you become aware of said claim, except in unforeseeable circumstances or a case of force majeure.

Send your claim file by post to:

Directly on line by completing the form below.
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Gritchen Assurance / sinistre montagne snowrisk
27 Rue Charles Durand - CS70139
18021 Bourges Cedex

Don't forget to attach the following originals to this declaration:

  • The ski pass or insured pass purchase invoice, and proof of purchase of the insurance Snowrisk.
  • Your bank details (SWIFT / IBAN).
  • THE INITIAL MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OF THE PHYSICIAN specifying the nature of the injuries, and whether or not there is an incapacity to ski.
  • The certificate confirming any action undertaken by any other party who provides assistance, specifying
  • he reason for the action.
  • A copy of your social security system card or certificate;
  • A copy of your Mutual benefit association card.

En cas de demande de rapatriement médical à votre domicile, après accord du médecin, contactez :
par téléphone de France : (Communication non surtaxée, coût selon opérateur, appel susceptible d’enregistrement)
par téléphone de l’étranger : précédé de l’indicatif local d’accès au réseau international (Communication non surtaxée, coût selon opérateur, appel susceptible d’enregistrement)
par télécopie : 01.
par e-mail :
Any reimbursements made by the insurance company are in addition to the treatment expenses met by your social security and private mutual benefit association (documents on demand).

Online declaration of claim